• Our claims are submitted accurately in a timely manner, guaranteed!
  • Your data is reviewed for errors and corrections are made, if necessary, prior to claim submission.
  • We allow providers to view their patient database remotely via the Internet.
  • We pledge that you will see a significant increase in your cash flow because we bill electronically and aggressively pursue and follow-up on all    unpaid claims; and have an outstanding record of reducing turnaround time for all of our clients.
  • We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology and techniques in the medical billing industry.
  • We provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis, allowing you to track account receivables and aging, or can customize a report to suit your    needs.
  • We at KMK Billing & Collection, Inc. are proud of our company, our staff, and the valued services we provide.
  • Our fees are reasonable and all our rates are negotiable to meet your needs!!!
    At KMK we strive to increase and maximize your profits, we are here to work for you!


    A medical billing company increases your reimbursements. In fact, a medical billing service is more efficient and effective at medical billing then your own office.
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    KMK Billing and Collection Inc.’s medical billing professionals offer Medical Billing services for doctors and practitioners nationwide.
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